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If you have an allergy or intolerance, please speak to a team member before you order food or drink.

Honey peri – Warm Peri-Peri – Warmer BBQ Jerk sauce – Hot Peruvian green – Hotter Vivo – Hottest

GF – gluten free / GFA – gluten free adaptable / V – vegetarian / VE – vegan / VEA – vegan adaptable / N – nuts


Peruvian Olives (gf/ve) – £3.50

Triple Tacos – £6.95
Hard tortilla shell, either prawn, beef or chicken, dry slaw, chunky tomato salsa

Chicken Wings – £5.95
Marinated crispy chicken wings sauced up in either honey peri, peri-peri, BBQ Jerk sauce or vivo

Gambas (gfa) – £8.25
Shell on prawns, garlic & herb sauce, toasted sourdough

Brazilian Cheese (v/gf) – £5.95
Pan fried halloumi skewers, sticky chilli jam

Quesadilla (v) – £6.25
Tortilla filled with spicy chicken or mixed vegetables, peppers, onion, cheese, chunky tomato salsa

Empanadas (v) – £6.25
Deep fried turnover, cheese & mango or beef, sticky chilli jam

Nachos (gf/v/vea) – £8.95
Corn tortilla chips, melted cheese, pico de gallo, jalapeños, tomato salsa, soured cream, guacamole


Argentinian (gfa) – £13.95
100% Angus beef chargrilled patty, garlic aioli, smoky chorizo, Manchego cheese, homemade chimichurri, toasted brioche bun, sweet potato fries

Chicken (gfa) – £12.95
Chargrilled chicken breast, lettuce, beef tomato, caramelized onion, toasted brioche bun, sweet potato fries

Beet & Quinoa (gfa/vea) – £11.95
Beetroot, red pepper & quinoa patty, lettuce, beef tomato, guacamole, toasted brioche bun, sweet potato fries

Pollo (gf) – £13.95
Chargrilled half chicken, either honey peri, peri-peri, BBQ Jerk sauce, peruvian green sauce or vivo, smoky slaw, sweet potato fries

Gaucho Steak – £20.95
Argentinian style, 8oz Sirloin steak, charred corn on the cob, chimichurri, sweet potato fries


Xinxim (gf/n) – £14.95
A Brazilian classic, chicken & crayfish, peanut, lime, lightly spiced rice, shredded greens

Moqueca – De – Pexie (gfa) – £14.95
Brazilian style seafood stew, coconut farofa, fried plantain

Lomo Saltado (gf) – £14.95
A Peruvian classic, beef, peppers, onion, tomato, chipotle rice

Lubina (gf) – £16.95
Pan fried sea bass, chimichurri rojo, Brazilian shredded greens, plain rice

Fajitas (v/ve) – £16.95
Either sizzling spicy chicken, steak strips or portobello mushroom, spice mix, onion, peppers, grated cheese, chunky tomato salsa, guacamole, soured cream, soft tortillas

Chilli Con Carne (gf) – £13.95
A rich, chunky beef & bean chilli, rice, soured cream

Chicken Enchilada – £13.95
Rolled tortilla, spicy chicken, pepper, onion, coriander, cheese, chipotle sauce, refried beans, rice

Veg Chilli (v/gf/ve) – £11.95
Sweet potato, butternut squash & bean chilli, rice, soured cream


Sweet potato fries – Chipotle mayo (v) – £4.25

Refried beans – Cheese, soured cream (gfa/v/ve) – £2.95

Sweet plantain – Deep fried – £2.95

Green jalapenos – Deep fried, cream cheese – £5.95

Patatas bravas – Deep fried potato bites, chipotle, aioli (v) – £4.25

Rice – Lightly spiced, chipotle, plain (gf/v/ve) – £3.95

Smokey slaw – Homemade, paprika seasoning (v) – £2.95

Corn on the cob – Grilled, buttered corn on the cob (v/ve) – £2.95

Shredded greens – Brazilian style greens, garlic & chilli butter (v/ve) – £3.95


Churros to share (v) – £8.25
Cinnamon sugar dusted churros, either chocolate ganache or dulce de leche sauce

Banana Empanada (v) – £6.25
Fried pastry turnover, banana, dulce de leche sauce

Chocolate Brownie (gf/v) – £5.95
Warm chocolate brownie, chocolate ganache sauce, vanilla ice cream

Ice Cream (gf/v) – £5.25
Please ask your server for today’s selection

Sorbet (gf/ve) – £5.25
Mango or tequila & lime